Diarrhea Triggers Video 4

over 4 years agoAugust 16, 2015
I have seen some of your videos and your web full of really good info. I just finished 14 days course of antibiotic for SIBO (rifaximin and neomycin) and have been instructed to start Naltrexone to decrease and improve gastrointestinal inflammation. I am still experiencing pretty bad diarrhea even thru I am following the SCD diet. I am also on food enzyme therapy by ENZYME FORMULATION. I am taking enzymes before meal, after meal and in between meals. I am so confused, couse I am thinking I do everything right and my diarrhea is not going away. I am also managing the stress and using your technique but no results. I have been having diarrhea for over 2 years now and its regulating my lifestyle. I also have been diagnosed with colitis. Is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? Please help, I will do anything at this point. Thank you for your time and your incredible source of info on your web. Sincerely your follower Gladys
11 months agoMarch 21, 2019
If I were you, I would just focus on your meds and the SCDiet 100% in terms of food, and don't use the homemade yogurt yet.  You should be 100% diarreah free at that point and who knows it may cause you issues.  I couldn't have the scd dairy for over a year.  Follow pecanbread.com.  Sometimes if we take too much other stuff it all gets in the way.  Especially if those Enzymes, have any illegal stuff in them.
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